Equine MASSAGE Services

Libby combines her many years of bodywork experience with her love for animals in her equine massage therapy work. Each session is customized to each horse’s individual needs and includes integrated deep tissue massage, stretching, acupressure, craniosacral therapy, Reiki, and Young Living essential oils. Libby provides therapeutic bodywork for the herd at Horses Healing Humans in Stonington, and at Serenity Farm in Mystic. 

Serenity Farm in Mystic, CT: Testimonials

Horses Healing Humans in Stonington, CT: Testimonials

“Libby has been providing Equine Massage and bodywork as well as various other holistic therapies to our herd of Therapy Horses for a couple of years, with tremendous results. Our horses are more comfortable, demonstrate greater mobility, and are generally happier in their work—and the oils used make them smell great, too! Libby has an intuitive understanding about what each individual horse needs to move them towards optimal health, and practices holistic body-mind assessment and therapies. She has been a tremendous gift to our program and our human and equine staff!”

— Lee Paradis, Founder and Director Emeritus


“I have seen firsthand the many benefits Libby’s work has had on our herd, and my own horse George. When I moved George to a new barn, I was very nervous because I knew transitions can be difficult for him. He had been at the same place, with the same horses for years, and has a general tendency to have some anxiety when his routine is changed. I took Libby’s advice and started using some of the essential oils with him before and after his move. Almost immediately he would take a big inhale of the oils and just let out a huge release. When there are big changes, George still gets some anxiety, but he seems to enjoy his sessions with Libby, often lifting his hoof for more stretches and following her around the paddock. Not only does Libby do great work, but she is a patient and willing teacher to anyone curious about what she is doing. She truly cares about every horse and human she works with.”

— Kara Tedford, Former Volunteer Director & Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Event Coordinator, Churchill Downs

Photography by Nina Chung

Nina’s work can be viewed on her website alchemyofspirit.net and can purchased through Clint Slowik at the Marquee Gallery in New London, CT.

Carrie Roseman Portraits

Located at the Velvet Mill in Stonington, CT. Book your portrait session at Carrie’s private studio by contacting her through her website carrieroseman.com.

This page is dedicated to Nina Chung and Hanz. You will both be forever remembered and loved. 💜
Hanz, 1991–2018. Friend, Partner, Therapist. I love and miss you, Boo. 💚