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I had an AMAZING experience! It was looking for a good bodyworker to combat my migraines and other aches and pains that I experience regularly. Libby provided a slightly more generalized style in our first session to ensure that my first time was a positive experience since so many are not used to integrated styles of bodywork. I felt relaxed and reset. I did not get the massage exhaustion I can have after a massage. I felt more grounded and at peace. I look forward to future appointments to continue the healing work Libby provides in each session. I HIGHLY recommend Libby. She is a true healer!
— Jessica D., Mystic, CT
I personally had great results with Libby with bodywork and highly recommend her. Her dedication to her work shines through in both her personality and dedication to increasing her knowledge and skills. I have had the pleasure of personal updates from Thailand as she has learned new techniques and then brought those same techniques back for me and her other clients to benefit from. I also have recommended Libby to some of my personal coaching clients both for specific issues and general upkeep of a athlete’s body, which I believe is critical for everyone to get the maximum from themselves both in sport and in life. Libby’s real world experience with athletic training such as cycling, marathon training, kick boxing and more gives her a edge of many other people in this same field who are not active themselves. Work with her for your best results.
— Amos Brumble | Owner Brumble Bikes, Westerly, RI
Every massage has been excellent. I come to you with knots and stiffness in my upper back and neck because this is where I tend to carry my stress. You have provided a combination of deep tissue massage, craniosacral therapy and Swedish massage in a very professional and caring way. You always check in and ask if the pressure you are using is ok for me. You have always treated me with respect and loving kindness. I always walk away feeling like the tension and stiffness have melted away. I come home and tell my husband I feel like a ‘wet noodle.’ To me. that is the best compliment you can give a massage therapist! I have already recommended you to a couple of friends.
— Kathy N.
My last experience was like all the rest...excellent! It’s not all about muscle manipulation. Sure, you have the depth of knowledge to have gotten me through several Ironman triathlons and marathons, but I go just as much for the mind as the body. You provide a comforting and secure environment where I can de-stress for an hour and reset my mind.
— Todd F.
Libby has been providing me with expert, professional, and compassionate care for over ten years. She helped me during my knee replacement, auto accident, and is currently providing empathic, skilled help during my current cancer journey. I consider her an important part of my healing team. She is an intuitive healer who understands what my body needs, whether it be Reiki, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, hypnotherapy, or shamanic techniques. I have had better surgical experiences, healed faster, and have less pain and stress as the result of her services. She is an amazing healer who I now consider a supportive friend. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Marge L.
I came to you with a broken body and somewhat beaten up mental state due to the chronic pain I live with, my injuries, and my lack of sleep. As always you were able to find the areas on my body that needed the most attention, which is my dominant side, and you worked very hard on them to get them to relax. I left your office feeling very comfortable and very relaxed. I went home and had the best sleep I’ve had in weeks!
— Lisa S.
I have always gotten a 60 minute massage but my last massage I decided to do 90 minutes. If 60 is amazing, 90 is beyond amazing! I never want my massage time to end because Libby always seems to find areas I didn’t even know needed help! I have been going to Libby for at least 5 years I believe, and she always makes an effort to fit me in and always gets whatever is stuck in me ‘unstuck’. I hate medication so massage is always my first go to when I’m not feeling well. I’ve gone in not being able to fully move an arm or leg and left there feeling perfect. Reduced muscle tightness after a massage with Libby is an understatement.
— Norma V.
I used to get massages at a spa for relaxation, without ever considering the benefits of massage therapy. I was pointed in Libby’s direction desperate and skeptical. I had a headache that would not go away. I left her office feeling wonderful and headache free. I never turned back, making regular appointments even through pregnancy. Now she is a regular visit when I come home on vacation because my body certainly feels her absence and my family now knows she is always on the itinerary.
— Katie K.
I have suffered with extreme vertigo, which often required hospitalization for many years. In addition, I have had bilateral knee replacements and a back fusion. A friend recommended Libby for craniosacral therapy and massage to address my vertigo. It worked tremendously! After hundreds of PT sessions I came to depend on Libby for my chronic back pain. It has been a life send. She has minimized my pain and as a result I have a much better quality of life. Libby has also treated my wife and granddaughter for back and neck issues. I cannot say enough about how much Libby has improved my quality of life.
— Wayne M.
I received great pain relief from her work. She has a gift for healing. I was a bit skeptical that such a small-framed person could exert the force needed on my body as I am 6’ 3” 270 pound big guy. I was gladly proven wrong. Her skill with the techniques she employed delivered the result I was looking for. I look forward to more help and varied modalities by her. As a family medicine board certified physician (D.O.) I would recommend her to any patient looking to treat their pain without pharmaceuticals.
— Ben M., D.O.
I had bodywork done by Libby at Blue Healer Therapeutic Massage one week ago today, and I am gratefully writing this review to thank her and to highly recommend her. Libby has an incredible array of knowledge and skills for healing. Her space is beautiful and peaceful. The work she did on me has left me so much more at ease in my body. I’ve been sleeping better, my spine feels stronger and more flexible, and my heart much much lighter. Thank you Libby, You’re an Angel.
— Jennifer K.
Libby is a true healer. My back and neck were a mess when I showed up for her appointment. She suggested the raindrop therapy treatment, a combination of heat and essential oils, and in short time I was pain free!
— Joe B.
Libby is awesome and truly deserves to be known as a healer. My session was a wonderful mix of feel good Thai massage and Shamanic wisdom. I left feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and of course, better! Libby knows her craft well and I am happy to recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their health.
— Greg J.
I am a 4-time New England Bike Racing Association (NEBRA) champion (M55+). Libby’s help in recovery from racing/injuries has been invaluable to my success in attaining regional championship awards.
— Jim T.
For over ten years I was privileged to have Libby Baxter as my massage therapist. She helped me prepare for knee replacement therapy as well as rehab after the surgery. When I had an automobile accident that left me with whiplash as well as anxiety, she treated me with hypnotherapy as well as massage. Over the years, her many skills have reduced the chronic pain from osteoarthritis. Her Thai massage was especially helpful. But Libby became more than a massage therapist through the years, she became a friend and caring confidant. She treated the whole person. I would highly recommend her services!
— Marge L.
I was comfortable with Libby from the moment I met her. When I go to an exercise class, I enjoy the feeling of surrender to the instructions of the teacher. When Libby started work on my body, it was a similar sensation: she knew what my body needed, and all I needed to do was relax. What a treat!
— Chelsea M.
Receiving bodywork from Libby is nothing short of amazing. Over the past five years, she has helped me through pain, both physically and emotionally. One of the most transformational sessions I can recall, was when I fully recovered from a 2 week case of the blues after an hour in Libby’s hands. Her energy work, intuition and caring somehow reset my emotional scale back to “normal”. I was so grateful and astounded at how I felt after that session. As a fellow therapist, I have referred many of my clients to Libby. She is a truly gifted healer.
— Debra C., LMT
Libby took the time to understand my situation and needs so she could apply the appropriate solution. With all the different therapies Libby understands, it was a true healing experience. An expert in her craft, Libby is a true healer and one I would highly recommend! Go in and see for yourself!
— Dan L.
Libby Baxter is perhaps the best person to go to for full-body and –mind healing and care! Libby’s expertise in advanced Thai techniques, coupled with her extensive knowledge and practice of leading-edge therapies in the craniosacral and energetic healing areas have helped hundreds of clients achieve relief, enhanced living, and improved well-being. Libby’s professionalism, skills, and aura are without equal.
— Doug Grabowski | grabowskigroup.com, Orange, CT

💜 Rest in peace my friend. You are loved and missed. 

I am an administrator in a nursing home and a nurse. Libby Baxter has been both my massage therapist and someone who has helped my residents in a big way. Libby has a way of focusing in on wherever the pain or tension is and being successful in relieving it. She has a variety of tools in her bag that include not only various types of massage. She also uses other holistic methods like Reiki, essential oils, and other methods to bring about healing. She was not only successful with me (and my husband), but worked on my employees and my residents. She was particularly talented in working with some of my most declined dementia residents. She was able to not only bring relaxation and pain relief to them, but was able to gain recognition of herself by them. These were people who did not talk and were total care residents. Yet they were able to smile at her and know that she was a person who touched them in some of their last days on this earth. No small feat. If you go to Libby, you will not be disappointed.
— Yvette D. RN MSN LNHA
I have had the privilege and good fortune to have worked with Libby Baxter, LMT at our local nursing home. I am a geriatric nurse practitioner and I provide medical care for a large skilled nursing facility in the New London area. We care for the frailest of individuals that have complex medical and psychiatric illnesses, many of which have end stage diseases such as dementia. Libby Baxter has been a tremendous asset in helping us care for these dear folks. Through her healing art of therapy massage she has brought comfort and calm to these souls that are riddled with contractures and movement disorders. I have seen an immediate and lasting improvement in comfort and relaxation. Her work with these individuals has helped make daily care giving less stressful for the patient and caregivers as well. The staff is always glad to see her in the building, as she has a great presence as a true healer and an asset to our organization. I highly recommend her in all areas that would benefit from her gift.
— Lisa S., APRN
My first massage with Libby was when my regular massage therapist went out on maternity leave. Libby was one of the co-owners in the practice. It was a great massage experience, so much so that when my regular massage therapist came back to work I chose to alternate between her and Libby. Both provided an awesome massage and I couldn’t give up one for the other. My massages with Libby would generally be deep tissue or Thai for stress relief, although I did experience her Thai facial and loved it and the look of my skin when she was done. I continued to alternate between Libby and the other massage therapist getting massages every three weeks. I would highly recommend her to anybody
— Joanna B.
I first was referred to Libby back in 2006 by a friend of mine. I enjoyed my first massage with her so much that I referred my husband to her as well. Libby always addresses all my issues prior to the massage. Her professionalism and desire to learn more to provide the best service to her clients making it easy for my husband and I book ongoing massages with Libby. It has been a total of seven years that Libby has been providing us both with relaxation, release of muscle tension and a calming effect that make the rest of work week a lot easier! Thank you, Libby for your amazing massages and making working on a computer nine hours a day possible!
— Gina M.

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